a New York Times and International Bestseller

"Brilliant, mesmerizing, profound - and deeply contrarian. It stands conventional wisdom on its head and points the way to a life of genuine fulfillment and meaning." Amy Chua

More than 25 countries around the world are publishing THE PATH - a book that explores the counterintuitive brilliance of Chinese philosophy.

Chinese philosophical thinking is among the most powerful and influential in human history. What is the best way to live a good life? How should one make moral choices? Questions such as these were at the heart of early Chinese philosophical debates over 2000 years ago. Chinese thinkers wrestled with these questions long ago, and their answers are just as relevant and important today - perhaps even more so.

"The book is a revelation, a practical way through a fractured, distracting world. I thought I knew these philosophers - and I was wrong. Rigorous, concise, deeply informed, The Path retires our facile shorthand about ideas "from the East" and presents a powerful intellectual case to engage, to care, and to remember."
-Evan Osnos, National Book Award-winning author of Age of Ambition

"The Path will not only change your life - it will change how you see history and the world. Read it and be transformed."
-Gish Jen, author of Tiger Writing